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Rehabilitation Counselling













Rehabilitation Counselling  encompasses all aspects of the individual's rehabilitation, including returning to work, school and/or meaningful social activities.



Vocational Rehabilitation may include:

  • Conducting Functional Abilities Evaluations to assess the client's current status in direct relation to his/her duties and responsibilities of employment
  • Creation of a rehabilitation team to assess the client’s current abilities and limitations and initiating appropriate rehabilitation treatment
  • Working with the rehabilitation team and the employer to develop modified employment
  • Exploring retraining options and facilitating entry into retraining and educational  programs
  • Ensuring any and all necessary support is available during retraining to achieve maximum success and safety for the client and employer satisfaction

Educational Rehabilitation  involves working with the school board, the school principal, the teaching staff, the support staff and the family to ensure the client is as successful as possible throughout his/her school career. Whether the client is a student in elementary school, high school, or an adult completing post-secondary education or returning to school, Renew Rehab Inc. will work with the client throughout the education process to help them achieve scholastic success.


Social Rehabilitation  involves working with the client and their rehabilitation team to reintegrate them into their community, social situations and family life. Our Rehabilitation Counsellors work closely with the client to develop a rehabilitation team dedicated to assisting the individual reach their social goals post-injury. Some of the outcome goals may include, teaching the client how to initiate and carry a conversation, how to read body language in public, how to appropriately deal with conflicting opinions, how to problem solve within a relationship and how to interact with a spouce effectively. Support when becoming involved in community activities is also part of Social Rehabilitation. This may involve working with the client in relationship, family, work and public situations to teach the client effective and appropriate ways to navigate various situations.


Social Rehabilitation can be implemented to help the client return to pre-accident social and recreational life in a safe and appropriate manner. Returning to organized sports, leisure activities and social outings can be daunting after a major injury. The team at Renew Rehab Inc. will assist clients through the process of reintegration to help appropriately achieve meaningful goals.



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