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Functional Evaluations


Office Ergonomic Assessments

A thorough assessment of the individuals office work station, including desk, chair, lighting, flooring and other work spaces. Personalized recommendations, including desk height, chair size and specific equipment, will be provided in writing following the assessment.


Ergonomic assessments are appropriate for workplace and home offices to support maximum efficiency and decreased risk of injury. 


Ergonomic assessments can be completed proactively, in response to an injury or as part of a return to work protocol.


Functional Abilities Evaluation

Determine the employee's functional abilities through

a series of physical activities. Some of the functional tasks that will be assessed include lifting, carrying, pushing,  pulling, stair climbing and fine motor skills. This is a key component of any return to work process. A detailed report will be

provided at the conclusion of the assessment.


Post Offer Employment Testing

Following an offer of employment, the candidate will

complete an assessment to determine whether his/her

physical abilities match job requirements. The assessment is based on the physical demands of the job and include tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, stooping and cardiovascular endurance.







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