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Life Care Plans/Future Cost of Care Plan


Catastrophic and chronic pain injuries have life-long implications. A Life Care Plan (also called a Future Cost of Care Report) identifies all of the extraordinary costs associated with an individual’s injury, both now and in the future. The Life Care Plan is an educational tool that is designed to educate the client, family members and health care professionals about the individual's future needs (related to their injury) and creates a plan of action to decrease or eliminate the risk and severity of future complications from those injuries. A well-written Life Care Plan gives the individual, family and support team a clear path to follow throughout the individual’s life and takes into account any probable future injury-related health changes.



There are many uses for a Life Care Plan. Personal injury lawyers use Life Care Plans when negotiating a settlement. The injured individual, their family and their case manager will use the Life Care Plan as a road map to guide them through the most effective steps to improve the individual’s rehabilitation and quality of life. Life Care Plans are always individualized and specific to each situation.



The process of creating a Life Care Plan involves the following:

  • Thorough file review
  • Meeting with the client and family
  • Meeting or telephone consultation with all of the relevant current and past treatment providers
  • Research into future complications and considerations
  • Research into the costs associated with the client's needs and functional goals
  • Creation of a comprehensive written report and an easy to read chart of costs outlining probable costs associated with rehabilitation needs now and in the future


All of our Life Care Planners are Canadian Certified Life Care Planners with experience with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, amputation and various long-term orthopaedic injury files. We have experience with both auto insurance and product liability files.

*Note that as of March 2020 all out of area Life Care Plan/Future Cost of Care intake interviews will be completed virtually due to the effects of COVID-19. Please contact Alison at [email protected] or at 705.254.8213 to discuss.*



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