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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Complex Care Consulting?

There are so many situations that can result in complex needs. A stroke, a fall, a workplace injury, illness or aging can all result in complex care needs. Managing these needs can be quite overwhelming. Not knowing what services are available or how to access these services can be frustrating and can even put your loved one at risk.

A Complex Care Assessment will provide you with a written outline of what your loved one's current, short term and long term needs are, as well as how to access the supports required to maximize independence and enjoyment of life. These recommendations will also help to decrease or eliminate the risk of secondary complications. Complex Care Consulting provides you with peace of mind, knowing that the care services and equipment that are needed are in place. 


What is a Life Care Plan/Future Cost of Care Report?

Catastrophic and chronic pain injuries have life-long implications. A Life Care Plan (also called a Future Cost of Care Report) identifies all of the extraordinary costs associated with an individual’s injury, both now and in the future. The Life Care Plan is an educational tool that is designed to educate the client, family members and health care professionals about the individuals future needs (related to their injury) and creates a plan of action to decrease or eliminate the risk and severity of future complications from those injuries.


Why complete a Life Care Plan/Future Cost of Care Report?

There are many uses for a Life Care Plan. Insurance companies and personal injury lawyers make use of a Life Care Plan when negotiating a settlement. The injured individual, their family and their Case Manager will use the Life Care Plan as a road map to guide them through the most effective steps to improve the individual’s rehabilitation and quality of life. Life Care Plans are always individualized and specific to each situation.


Changes to the SABS in 2016 have significantly increased the need for Life Care Plans for non-catastrophic files. Renew Rehab Inc. has met this need with the introduction of "Mini-Life Care Plans".  These thorough reports provide valuable information for the injured individual, the family, the rehabilitation team and the law office.


Referrals for a Life Care Plan are typically completed by a law firm. If you would like Renew Rehab Inc. to complete a Life Care Plan, please contact Alison at 519.749.9269 x2 or at 705.254.8213.


What is Case Management?

Case Management is a benefit that is available under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). If you have been Catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle collision, you are able to access support from a qualified Case Manager.  A Case Manager will work with you to coordinate your recovery process. This may include facilitating physician referrals and appointments, referals to other rehabilitation professional (i.e.: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, registered massage therapy etc.) as well as work with you as you progress towards a return to community activities, independent living, employment or return to school.


What is Rehabilitation Consulting?

If you have been non-catastrophically injured, you may be able to access support from a qualified Rehabilitation Counselor, according to Section 16 of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). A Rehabilitation Counselor supports you as you progress through the steps toward returning to work and/or to your pre-accident social, educational and vocational activities.


How are these services paid for?

Rehabilitation Counselors and Case Managers are covered and paid for by your automobile insurance company. There is no out of pocket cost to you. Case Management and Social/Vocational Rehabilitation are benefits that are included within the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) and are available to everyone with valid automobile insurance. Your Case Manager and Rehabilitation Counselor must submit an OCF 18 Treatment Plan to your insurer, requesting funding prior to beginning work with you.


Life Care Plans and Complex Care Consulting are private services. These services may be partially covered by your Extended Health Benefits.


Can I Refer Myself or Someone I Care About To You?

Absolutely! Typically our referrals come from personal injury lawyers and law clerks, however a number of our clients come to us through word of mouth or simply by hearing about our services.


Catastrophic vs. Non-Catastrophic Designation

The type and severity of your motor vehicle injuries determines whether you are considered to be catastrophically injured. This does not refer to the amount of pain you experience or your own personal experience; rather, it is a legal term that designates the type of benefits you are entitled to through your auto insurer.


If your injuries are considered to be non-catastrophic (and you were injured after June 1, 2016), you would have access to up to $65,000 in Medical Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefits. These benefits could be increased to $130,000 or $1 million if you chose to upgrade your insurance coverage.


If your injuries are considered to be catastrophic, your basic insurance coverage provides you access to up to $1,000,000 in Medical Rehabilitation benefits and Attendant Care benefits. If you upgraded your coverage, you would have access to $2 million in Med/Rehab and Attendant Care benefits. 


Our knowledgeable team can help you access the Medical and Rehabilitation funds that are available to you during your road to recovery. Please contact us to arrange a one-on-one consultation.




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