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Case Management


Case Management  is an all-encompassing process that helps to bring the catastrophically injured client from his/her current state post-injury to a state of individualized maximum community integration. Our skilled Case Managers coordinate the client’s rehabilitation process from the onset of injury and throughout his/her recovery. Case Managers will assess, implement and monitor this process to ensure the client’s needs are being met and positive results are being achieved. Renew Rehab Inc. operates through a client-centred approach, which ensures rehabilitation programs are goal-oriented and involve the client and their family in all aspects of the plan. Case Managers act as a liaison between the client, insurer, lawyer, medical specialists and rehabilitation professionals to offer a multidisciplinary approach to client care.


Our experienced Case Managers identify client-specific services and resources required to achieve outlined rehabilitation goals and promote improved quality of life and well-being. At Renew Rehab Inc., we educate and empower our clients to be active participants in their rehabiltiation and to understand their injury. We help our clients navigate the insurance and medical systems, supporting their journey to return to an optimal state of well-being and productivity.



Case Management may include any or all of the following:

  • Development and coordination of a multidisciplinary community rehabilitation team
  • Accessing and coordinating medical and specialist services; initiating referrals
  • Exploring vocational placements and working with local employers
  • Coordinating necessary requirements for return to school and/or independent living, exploring vocational placements and reintegration into the community
  • Production of detailed reports outlining recovery outcomes and intervention success
  • Our skilled Case Managers are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to ensure clients' needs and goals are met through the efficient use of resources. We assist our clients as they increase their independence and improve their quality of life from a functional, cognitive, psychosocial and behavioural perspective.


It is important to know that every client is unique and therefore the process of Case Management is individualized.







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