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Complex Care Consulting



Private Complex Care Consulting

Has someone in your family been injured? Has an illness resulted in long term physical or cognitive effects? Does your aging parent require support and you don't know where to turn?


Renew Rehab offers Private Complex Care Consulting. Our Certified Life Care Planner will review the individuals current status, past medical and functional history and prepare a written plan for short, medium and long term care recommendations. This plan can be used to ensure your loved one has the supports in place to live as independently as possible, while at the same time decreasing the risk of complications from any current ailments. 


Levels of Service

Complex Care Consulting - file review and plan of action

Follow Up Consultations - 6 follow up calls over 6 months to modify the plan, discuss challenges, troubleshoot and brainstorm

Implementation of Recommendations - we will make initial contact with all of the recommended professionals and resources and arrange initial appointments for each

Full Case Management Services - ideal for those with family members living out of the area or for those without a strong family support system. We will manage all aspects of the individuals care coordination.


Employment/Labour Lawyers and Disability Providers - Complex Care Consulting

Renew Rehab Inc. provides consulting services to law offices and STD/LTD providers that are dealing with complex files and require direction. Our thorough and concise report will provide the office the the client with step by step recommendations to help turn a stagnent file into one that is actively moving in the right direction. We can also help with managing unstable files by providing your office with a roadmap of the steps that need to be taken in order to support and stabilize the client. Finally, our consulting services will provide your office with an overview of what your client's medium and long term needs will be, which will dramatically improve your ability to plan and budget appropriately. 


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